Social Savvy Wins

Social Media Savvy IS Winning... It’s safe to say that social media has forever changed the way we make...

By Soirée PR / December 9, 2016

Seaview Hotel - Stats

Seaview Hotel The Seaview Hotel is a 1950's Art deco gem 1blk by the beach. The hotel was ready...

By Soirée PR / December 5, 2016

Wearable Tech

Wearable Tech - The NOW trend... From Apple purchasing Beats By Dre for 3 Billion to the next...

By Soirée PR / December 3, 2016

The Other Women

Check out our review of The Other Woman's social media campaign.

Equinox's Wild Visions

Equinox Campaign 2015 Vs. 2016  Review... The idea behind the spicy Equinox campaign is to have fun,...

By Soirée PR / November 14, 2016


The Future of Food + Social Media... Social media reviews and search engine rankings on sites like Yelp...

By Soirée PR / November 3, 2016

The Other Woman

The Other Woman and Social Media. Best Social Media efforts. Does digital data offer monitored marketing...

By Soirée PR / October 1, 2016

Seaview Hotel - Cosmo Italy

Check out our Seaview Hotel Cosmopolitan Italy placement.